Typescript Projects and what I'm working on

Hi, my name is Rick, and I've been working on adding more tutorials and typescript tools to TypeScriptGames.com.

Fullscreen HTML5

I'm spending too much time rewriting a lot of my old flash games in TypeScript. There are a few things I haven't yet figured out how to do well in TypeScript. First off, putting an app into full screen mode doesn't seem to work out very well in chrome. It seems to just lightbox the canvas at whatever size it is. I'll need to look into how to do that better.

My other issue is scaling up an app makes everything blurry since I've been using raster images instead of vector images. I'd like to figure out how to take SVG and rasterize it at a size that works with whatever size you scale your canvas to.

TypeScript UI Layout Editor

Right now I'm working on an app for creating a UI JSON file. The goal is to create something that let's you set up a UI layout in they way you could in Flash (back when everyone used Flash). It's kind of slow going, I want to have it import a spritesheet created with my spritester tool, and split it into sprites that can be used in the tool to create simple animations and combined objects similar to Flash MovieClips.

More Tutorials around Texture Atlas Creation

Recently I released my new Texture Atlas Generator App, which I call Spritester. At the moment it's very basic. You drag all your image files onto the "Drop Files Here!" button, and it generates a Texture Atlas you can download. When you click the "Download" button it will download both an image file and the .json file to go along with it. I've put together a short video on Youtube comparing it to Texture Packer (a $20 Texture Atlas App). I plan on adding more tutorials around Spritester as well as a general tutorial on 2D bin packing in TypeScript in case anyone wants to understand how it works.

Finishing my TypeScript Asteroids Game

Several of the Tutorials I've been working on have been building towards the creation of an HTML5 Vector Based Asteroid Shooter game. I would like to finish that up and put in some bells and whistles. Right now it's on the low end of my priority list, but I wanted to include it as coming, as it's definitely still on my to do list.