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Free Texture Atlas Generator

TypesScriptGames.com is a resource for developing HTML5 games using TypeScript. If you're not familiar with TypeScript, it is a programming language similar to JavaScript but with a number of features unavailable in most versions of JavaScript. I know there are a lot of developers out there that have done some amazing things with JavaScript, but for many of us that have been doing true object oriented programming in our games for a long time, the switch to JavaScript from a truly OOP language like ActionScript 3 can be challenging. With JavaScript if you mistype the name of a variable, or attribute on an object, JavaScript will just create a new variable and stuff your value in there. When I've developed large programs in JavaScript I've spent a lot of time debugging problems that come up at runtime that a simple compiler would have caught.

Enter TypeScript

Game Development is a lot easier with OOP. JavaScript has objects, but isn't an OOP in a traditional sense. TypeScript allows developers to use both classes and types which are very helpful. TypeScript also compiles (transpiles) your code into JavaScript. This basically gives you all of the advantages of JavaScript, without many of the problems that come along with an interpreted language.

Visual Studio Community Edition

Microsoft developed TypeScript and it has a feel that reminds me a lot of C# (which I really like). Microsoft even provides you with a FREE development environment. Visual Studio Community Edition is amazing. I've also used WebStorm for TypeScript, which is about as good... but not at all free. If you happen to be a long time WebStorm user it also works great with TypeScript, but if you are new to HTML5 and have never used WebStorm, you definitely want to give Visual Studio a try.

Visual Studio for TypeScript

TypeScript HTML5 Game Tutorials

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